I want to rock!

Come join us for our popular Crystals & Gemstones Workshop.
If you’re as passionate about rocks as we are, this is for you…
(from age 6 to 15)


Hi, Forest and Jarrah here!

We love rocks because they’re fascinating.

They come in so many different colours, shapes and sizes! And they talk to us… (just joking. Or are we?)

More than anything, we love trading them. It’s an international language, just like chess, football and music!

We made this course so we can share with you all the things we love about collecting gemstones.

The art of negotiation. The trading. The valuation skills. All the memories attached to them.
But more importantly: How to find them and how to find people to trade rocks with!

After you finish this course you will have all the skills we do.

No longer a rock nerd… Definitely on your way to become a Rock Pro.

See you inside!

(The course is 13 videos + 1 PDF of Extra Resources).


Hosting the workshop in the Central Coast (NSW, Australia).

Follow your passion.

We’ve been travelling around Australia with our parents for years and it can be difficult to make friends.

So we started giving this workshop about 2 years ago. The original plan was only to meet kids to trade rocks with.

Little by little we added content and before you know it we had a full on presentation and we’re selling tickets!

People loved it!

There’s something universal and magical about gemstones and kids have a connection to them.

We discovered too that crystals and gemstones can be a great tool to learn a massive amount of skills that we’ll keep for the rest of our lives.

Our love of rocks taught us about geology, geography, history, chemistry, organizing, researching, trading, negotiating, tool handling and dealing with all kinds of people from 8 to 88 years old.

When the Covid pandemic happened we had to cancel all the planned workshops.

People asked us if we could do it via Zoom or if we had a course online…We had a light bulb moment!

We said to ourselves that if we’re going to do this, it had to be not boring.

And we want to transmit our passion to some kid out there who is as keen as we are to find a great piece of Tiger’s Eye or Jade.

Well you have to tell us how we did on the boring part but I think it’s obvious we’re always going to be looking for The Next Great Rock… and we’re not alone.

You can write to us at hello@jarrahforest.com


(The course is 13 videos + 1 PDF of Extra Resources).

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