Make money
without a 9 to 5 job.

If you’re into earning extra cash or being location independent, this is for you!

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My husband and I worldschool our twin boys…

The question we hear most from people is: “Where do you get the money?”.

I used to answer: “We work online…”

Now, I just say: “Take my course! “

Online Gigs & Jobs is a course about making money without a 9 to 5 job.

If you want to be a Freelancer, Digital Nomad, need Extra Cash or just addicted to Hanging Out In Your PJ’s…

This Is For You!

Trust me when I say it will save you many long nights of research in the wilderness.

It’s a mine field out there. How do you know who to trust?

My goal with this course is to give you the power to:

– Work when you want, where you want.

– Set your own schedule and enjoy the flexibility that goes with it.

– Finally have the extra cash you need to afford a few luxuries in your monthly budget.

– Take time off whenever you want, without having to beg for permission from your boss.

– Double, triple, or quadruple the money you earn once you learn to sell something else than your time.

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(The course is 13 videos + 1 PDF of Extra Resources).


About the author: Renae is a writer, gardener and traveler. She worldschools her twin boys, sharing her time between Asia, Europe and Australia.

Change the way you make money.

Online Gigs & Jobs started its life as a humble Ebook.

We had been traveling around while homeschooling our twin boys and people were very curious about our lifestyle. Especially how we made our money…

At the time I was doing a lot of freelancing, something I was good at after many trials and errors.

I put that experience in the Ebook. Most of it was a directory of the different platforms and my review of them.

People Liked it!

I had a Facebook page to promote it and over the years followers asked a lot of questions about things like side-hustles, that kind of jazz.

And then the Pandemic happened…

People’s interest in freelancing and side-hustles exploded.

I did a few hundred hours of research and turned the book into a course to make it more accessible.

I’m of the opinion that the events of 2020 are only the begining of a transition to a so-called “Brave New World”. In short, things will never be the same again because this just ain’t the plan.

Some will spend their time bitching and moaning. Others will just keep their head in the sand.

I prefer the “Pivot – Expand My Offerings – Hustle” strategy. This is what this course is all about.

What happens next is up to you… I suggest you act NOW, while it’s still the calm before the Real Storm.

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(The course is 13 videos + 1 PDF of Extra Resources).

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